Sunday, July 10, 2011


Chester had their fireworks
last night! I love fireworks!
The ewe's and ahh's still carry
over from childhood with me!

Thanks to one of my friends
I had an upfront view from
her deck.

This one is just 'Sparkle'

Giving the new camera a try
at doing this....dummy me
forgot to set it before it got
dark...still in all I don't
think they are too bad. I
took over a hundred pics
and only 20 made the cut

I love the cool orange smoke of
this one.

Of the Twenty maybe only two
will make it to print...we'll see.

I love this one and am calling
it Holy Smoke

This one will be known as
Red Smoke....I love the
volumes of red and puff
of smoke....

This one reminds me of
Allium the "onion" flower

All in all a good night to
have fun and enjoy!

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