Thursday, June 30, 2011


Turtles are another animal that I think are
kind of cool. This guy was up early when I arrived around 7AM
Something spooked him and I was only able to get one shot of him before he dove back into the water....such a shame....I shot him with my largest zoom lens from over 300 yards and wanted to get closer....better luck next time, lucky I got this one any way!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Cards

I like Argyle. Socks, scarfs, sweaters whatever
form it comes in, so when I found some argyle
pattered paper it made for a great birthday card!
What fun, a nice everyday card. This particular
card had a few techniques... a punched out window
which sports a dangling tag and love of ink scruffing
it up. The little hat tag is also punched out and backed.
The soft colors make it a great card for anyone
on your birthday list!

Everyone loves cake! So having one
on your card is just right. I love the
color combination of pink and brown
and also the combination of green and
brown....putting them all together works
out well too!
Another great card for anyone on your list!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amethyst & Quartz Bracelet

Still working on my craft room....getting all my craft stuff

and I do have alot of "stuff" into one organized space is my

on going project which I hope to have accomplished before the

end of the summer...I found this bracelet in a place it shouldn't be wonder I couldn't find it to take a picture of when I shared

the necklace and earrings here earlier this year...

This is still one of my favorite all time pieces that I have

created. I love the purple and the light pink color combinations.

Monday, June 27, 2011

TIme Swap ~ Home Page

This was my submission for the

time Swap which I had posted

the other day....I just got

notified today that I am on the

Home Page of my group with this

card! Cool! Made my day!

Check it out!

More Cards.....

Here is a simple layered card that ou can
use for any the stamping
and then the simple layering...add a
tag with a sentiment and you are all set!

This one is a cheery Hello, stamping on
top of an already stamped image, matted
laying and a cute ribbon stapled to the
sentiment gives you an easy quick card
to cheer someone with!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time Swap

I have mentioned that I like clocks. My Group is
doing a swap based on time. Just my thing!
Here is my submission. Can't wait to see what
I get back!

New Computer!

I have been complaining about my office computer for quite

some is after all the oldest, slowest, ancient dinosaur posing as a computer in the office. Mind you, my boss would have gotten me a new one anytime I asked....but me not liking change and being really comfortable with windows XP...declined until now. So here she is my new beautiful HP Super Computer!

This computer has 1TB of hard drive....thinking I am not going to be around to fill this up....and lots of other bells and whistles! I spent yesterday hooking her up. Didn't do too badly so far! Still a bit to go! I was able to get my files uploaded and networked....all by myself...which was an amazing surprise! Considering I am not that computer literate! Today....the e-mail and our office messaging data base!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Emily's Graduation Mini Book

One of my favorite people graduated
from High School yesterday!
I had purchased a really cute mini book
that K&Co. made about 2 years ago with
her in mind. The book looked like a
graduation cap It ties in the back and
when open folded out like an accordian.
It has 8 pages on the front and 8 pages
on the back. This is the cover

This is the inside page. I covered all the

pages with pretty graduation themed

paper and neat embellishments

Here is another page with cool large

picture corners!

This is the last page on the first side.

Here is an enlargement of the actual last page.

Emily's School got Hershey Candy Bars and

her Mom being a class helper re-wrapped them

in this personalized candy wrapper which had info

regarding the class. So cute and a wonderful idea!

Her Dad made me a copy thinking it would be a

cute idea for my cake business....I thought it would

be great in her little mimi book as a rememberance.

Congratulations Emily on a job well done!!! This

friend is very proud of you!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tommy's Birthday Mini Book

Whenever I see something cute
in the Scrapbooking Isles, I am a
sucker and have to pick it up...
I have had this little mini book
for a bit waiting for just the
right person to create it for.
Made by K&Co, it came with a
bit of embellishemts and not
much more....

My Friend Tommy McNamara had
a birthday on June 11th, I made his
Thomas The Train Cake and was able
to grab a few pictures.

Tommy got a bike for a present so the cover was very aprapo!

His cake had a Banner which I minimized
for the inside cover and page one
has a picture of him and his Mom
Blowing out the cake.

Left some blank pages and then
included pictures of his cake.

His Mom will have plenty of
room to add the pictures that
she took during the party.

Last but not least a little sentiment.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The "L" word!

Sometimes you just have to tell someone
you love them!

The Burgundy and Pink combination in
this card makes it work!

I used to stick cards like this in my
daughter's lunch box, just to let
her know I was thinking about
her during her school day. Of course
that only worked in Grammer
School....they get too big for that "stuff"

One of my good friends moved away....

I try to keep in touch alot besides doing
the FB's nice to get mail
when you are in a new place!

Wanna make some cards...need a lesson...
e-mail me

We'll set something up that is convenient to you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ATC Group Challenge ~ Feathers

Challenge time is here again! We got our packages in the mail this week! The papers that were sent were amazing! The Challenge is to create 6 cards and return 5 keeping one for ourselves and we will get five in return! So very cool....I loved the colors of the papers!

Keep you posted on how it goes!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thinking Holiday!

Still thinking that I need to get a start on
my holiday cards now....while I have the
I loved this Simple Elegant Gold and shimmery
white Thank you card. Easy to make and
Elegant to look at and receive.

Cute and Sweet! This Snow person
just says thanks in the sweetest way
Color him in or just use a monochromatic
ink which is what I did.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Graphic 45 Update~

I got a response from Graphic 45 on my posting of my wall Art that I created using their "Steampunk Debutante" Line:

"Kathleen, beautiful work! These two inspiring pieces will make sure to keep the creative juices and positive energy flowing."

Pretty Cool, made my day!

Graphic 45....

I love Graphic 45. I don't think that there is

a line that they have produced that I haven't

enjoyed or wanted to create something out of!

I did post these before, but am posting them

again to share that today...finally....I posted

them to Graphic 45 who posed the question on

Facebook....what are you creating with our


So I posted them this morning and am looking

forward to see what their reaction to them is.

Keep you posted!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthday Cards

June is a big birthday month for me....gotta have
a bunch of birthday cards on hand! This first one
is kind of cool. Have you ever thought of using
electrical tape and embossing it with your cuttlebug
or sizzix or maybe if you are lucky...your Tim
Holtz embossing machine? It works great
and the empressions are fun!

This card has an embellishment
that also used that tape and my

Layers and stamps and a great Make a
wish for either gender is created!
Love it!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mini Album

Need a gift for any ocassion? A mini
album can do the trick....I had fun with
this one. Lots of odd shaped and lenghts of pages including using some clear pages
stamped with images...
great to have on hand when you just need
a gift.

Friday, June 17, 2011

All Ocassion Cards

Sometimes you just need to send a card...not for any particular reason...just a card. These beauties
are meant for just that....
I love the color combination of black and white
with a rose pink...simple stamped image which was
enhanced with a little glimmer pen and some
flock on the flowers. Just sweet.

I love Roosters (chickens) they make me happy...
Stamped Image was colored using chalks and then
sprayed to keep the color locked in....this one
makes me happy and has a summer feeling.

Need to cheer someone up with a little color...
this on should do the trick. Stamped image with
the added black and white with that lovely
bright lovely yellow! Just off setting the layers
gives it a different effect!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zentangle Swap

This is the submission I sent in for the Zentangle swap

with my Group. It made the Home Page! That was a surprise!

Kind of a fun type of principal technique Zentangles...

Cool though that I got my groups Home Page for a few days!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christmas Cards

Every year I say I am going to make my Christmas Cards Early! This year my girl friend and I are planning a date. Hopefully starting in July we will get together and bang out this years cards! Here are some examples of ones that I have made in the past.

This Santa is cool love how he is in two parts! An upper and lower part of a tri fold card.

Snowman Shaker....I love shaker cards....alittle extra work, but what fun they are to look at and send to someone special!

Lots of Layers and pieces to this Santa! He was a lot of fun to make!

Simple Elegant trees, easy to create and elegant to look at, great assembly line cards!

I really have to think about what I want this year's card to look like~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day!

For more than 200 years our AMERICAN FLAG has been a symbol of our Nation's Strenght and integrity and unity. It has been an inspiration to all of our citizens. It has been a blanket to immigrants who came to our country early on.

I wish the immigrants of today thought more of it than they do.

This flag represents to me what our forefathers hoped this country would become and would always be!

Designed and sewn by Betsey Ross in accordance with the wishes of the first Continential Congress....Thirteen stripes of alternating Red and White with thirteen Stars representing the thirteen original colonies nestled on Blue.

Many resolutions of congress over the years has allowed for the additional "states" each represented by the Stars.

Today the flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red alternating with 6 white. The stripes represent the original 13 colonies, the stars represent the 50 states of the Union. The colors of the flag are symbolic as well: Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor, White symbolizes Purity and Innocence and Blue represents Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Challenge ATC Group

I posted a while ago that our group leader in
my ATC Group sent us these amazing
images to be used in a Summer Vintage
Blue & White Challenge. Everyone who
participates gets the same materials and
we create ATC's to return to the hostess/
leader and she distributes to the group.

I always find it interesting to see what
people will do with the same materials.

I was very excited to receive these. Loved
the colors and the subject!

It was very difficult to try and choose which
images to pick.

Since I am an assembly line type of
person when it comes to making these
ATC's or any ATC's for that matter,
I chose two images that I absolutely
loved above all the rest and created
"The Lady & the Vamp" I used the
the additional papers that were sent
and added my additional embellishments
and my ATC was created.

These beauties were what the other
ladies created! Loved them the are
so artful and isn't it interesting how
everyone sees things differently when
they create!

They make great additions to my

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tommy McNamara's Birthday Continued....

Tommy loves Thomas the Train and friends!
He has so many, more than we can count!

When he saw his cake, he couldn't believe

The look alone made my entire week!

He had a face painter at his party...he
loved being Spiderman for the day!

Blowing at the candles with his Mom
and friends!

Such fun...a happy day for a happy

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tommy McNamara's Birthday Party!

My friend Tracy asked me to make a special
cake for her son's 4th Birthday Party.
He loves Thomas the
after a little thought I put together
this cake for him.

I was very pleased with how it came out!

The kids and the adults loved it. The best
was the look on Tommy's face when
he saw it!

Nothing can give you greater pleasure then
seeing the look of joy on a child's face.

Tommy was so thrilled that this special cake
was made for him!

It was a Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla Cake! Just
what he liked!

Thomas and friends arrived and gave a special
boy a sweet birthday surprise!

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Red Hat Ladies

One of our ladies took our group to dinner at Monticello Raceway Restaurant we had a lovely time last Friday night enjoying the atmosphere and each other's company!

Thank you Ramona!