Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sterling Furnance

Inspired by a picture which
was posted by my friend
Shawn Dell Joyce of the Wallkill
River Art School, I had to find
this to take pictures. I think it
is amazing!

The Structure has been here for

This Sterling Furnace was the first.

This furnace forged the "great Chain"
used and commissioned by then
General George Washington to be
placed in the Hudson River near
West Point to prevent the British
from coming further up the Hudson
River to fight with our troops.

Here is a plaque near the furnace
very cool bronze and just there in
the forest near the furnace.

A story board erected for the history
so all who visit understand the purpose
of the furnace.

I have to back again in the fall after all
the foliage dies to get a better picture.
I think it was awesome and loved the lines of the furnace. I am inspired
by the fact that it is still here! Gotta love history, and we have so much
of it here in the Hudson Valley!

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