Monday, October 17, 2011

Sophia's First Birthday Cake!

I was invited to make a birthday cake for my friends daughters first birthday! So exciting. Her Mom has very specific ideas about incorporating the number one and putting a crown on top! And having lots of sugar flowers. The last requirement was to have two tiers that were square.

Other than that she told me to let my creativity run....Hence since we were doing so many different types of sugar flowers in a rich fall colors, I felt a basket weave icing was in order. So I hand piped both layers with a basket weave and a rope finish to approximate a basket for the
flowers to flow out of....

I have to say that I was pretty pleased with the results and the cake did travel well to the venue! (thank GOD) I am always a bit nervous when I have to deliver a cake....what if someone runs into me....always a bad "B" scenario in my head....but thankfully it was a lovely uneventful drive on a beautiful day to a beautiful venue!

Crystal Springs Garden Room at the Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, NJ.

From all the pictures I have seen, the party was a huge success and the cake made a big hit, which is very pleasing to me!

A very special cake for a very special little girl!

Vanilla three layered cake for each tier and vanilla icing. Tons and tons of sugar flowers and leaves!

I really had a great time making and creating this cake and was extremely pleased that everyone enjoyed it and was pleased with it's appearance!

Happy 1st, birthday Sophia!!!!

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