Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Challenge of Carrot Cake.....

I usually am pretty quick to accept a challenge!

At my Lightroom 3 Class the instructor challenged me with the "best" Carrot Cake....

"Kate's Komely Karrot Kake" v Karl's Karrot Kake".....

He dropped the Gauntlet....well of course I had to pic it up!

Here are my Blue Ribbon Cake Carrot Cupcakes which I made....dusted out my favorite recipe which I have had since childhood for the challenge....luscious carrot cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting topped with homemade chocolate carrots! YUM!

Now I always give credit where credit is due! Karl's Karrot Kake was very delicious as well.

A great class and great snacks with wonderful new friends!!!!

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