Thursday, February 17, 2011

Re-produced paintings of history.....

Our County has an amazing amount of history that most people don't realize is here or ignore as they go about their daily business.... I found it quite interesting that a local artist decided to put it where it can be noticed.

Along the waterfront in Newburgh there is a wall which holds the tressel for the train passing through the is in a very stratigic spot...near the waterfront restaurant area more specifically near Torches which everyone seems to know....the lovely artwork depics an era gone by and an amazing amount of local historical sites that can be stretches out for more than a city block....this particular one depicts Washington's Headquarters which is only a few blocks away and can be visited and amazing historical artifacts can be seen. In addition they have tours and re-enactors who can describe in detail the time and events as they were then....what it was like to live and work in those times in this area...amazing and worth a trip there to see it!

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