Sunday, November 21, 2010

Inspiration Moon Rise & Sunrise

Inspired by the seminar I attented given by Nick Zungoli of Exposures Gallery in Sugar Loaf.....
We stopped driving home last evening in Tuxedo to take a Picture of the Moon Rising....the parking lot of the Tuxedo Train Station provided a safe uninterrupted place to grab a great shot of the newly rising moon.

Further inspired I got up this morning early to take sunrise pictures. This shot was taken from the highway leading into Sugar Loaf near the Cold Spring Farm looking up the mountain. The sky is so amazing blue!

This shot through the trees was taken in the safety of the parking lot of Arden Hill & Elant in Goshen....I love the glow of the early rising sun.

This shot was taken in the parking lot of the abandoned barn on the way to Chester off
17M just before the "often photographed farm". I love how the sun peeks through and glows!

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  1. I especially love the one by Cold Spring Farm!