Monday, May 23, 2011

Iris' Equals Happiness!

Not sure if it's the rain, all the snow we had, or just a gift for the year....but my Iris' are having a fabulous year!

This Veregated Purple one is amazing! Lots and Lots of blooms!

This two toned Burgundy and yellow one showed it's happy face for the first time in a few years.

The weather with our winters hasn't been too pleasant with the start and stop of some of the Spring.... so exciting to see it's return!

These periwinkle ones are my all time favorite and much like the burgundy and yellow ones, they have

not put in an appearance for a few years...seeing them in bud the last few days and finally today seeing them open has made me sooooo very happy...

ssshhh don't tell the others that these are my


These peach and white ones are really pretty this year also. These seem hardier and they have put in an appearance yearly, along with the previously posted ones that have already bloomed and gone!

Seeing all these lovely faces makes all the hard work of planting them all worthwhile!

Hope your gardens are doing well! Color and Iris' equals happiness for me!

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