Saturday, June 25, 2011

Emily's Graduation Mini Book

One of my favorite people graduated
from High School yesterday!
I had purchased a really cute mini book
that K&Co. made about 2 years ago with
her in mind. The book looked like a
graduation cap It ties in the back and
when open folded out like an accordian.
It has 8 pages on the front and 8 pages
on the back. This is the cover

This is the inside page. I covered all the

pages with pretty graduation themed

paper and neat embellishments

Here is another page with cool large

picture corners!

This is the last page on the first side.

Here is an enlargement of the actual last page.

Emily's School got Hershey Candy Bars and

her Mom being a class helper re-wrapped them

in this personalized candy wrapper which had info

regarding the class. So cute and a wonderful idea!

Her Dad made me a copy thinking it would be a

cute idea for my cake business....I thought it would

be great in her little mimi book as a rememberance.

Congratulations Emily on a job well done!!! This

friend is very proud of you!

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  1. The book is cute! Emily's psyched to print out some photos and put them in it! Karen