Friday, June 24, 2011

Tommy's Birthday Mini Book

Whenever I see something cute
in the Scrapbooking Isles, I am a
sucker and have to pick it up...
I have had this little mini book
for a bit waiting for just the
right person to create it for.
Made by K&Co, it came with a
bit of embellishemts and not
much more....

My Friend Tommy McNamara had
a birthday on June 11th, I made his
Thomas The Train Cake and was able
to grab a few pictures.

Tommy got a bike for a present so the cover was very aprapo!

His cake had a Banner which I minimized
for the inside cover and page one
has a picture of him and his Mom
Blowing out the cake.

Left some blank pages and then
included pictures of his cake.

His Mom will have plenty of
room to add the pictures that
she took during the party.

Last but not least a little sentiment.

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