Monday, June 6, 2011

All Ocassion Card

This card is fun! Lot's of Techniques! Ever work with bleach in your stamping?

First choose a dark card background. Choose a stamp that has a large focal point and then a smaller stamp of a similar nature.

You have to work quickly and carefully with the bleach so as to not compromise your stamper, rubber and chlorine don't mix well. You also need cream bleach.

Stamp the smaller stamp on the card using the bleach as your ink. Watch as it pulls the ink color from the card! Cool right?

Next stamp the larger imprint on the card face letting it pull the color from the card as well. Clean your stamps immediately after using with the bleach in soap and water to preserve the rubber. Next, emboss with black embossing power over the dried "bleached" impression on the top of the card. After it has set...color with markers the places where you have it bleached within the embossed spots.

Layer, use alittle ribbon and there you have it....different right?!

Got to love the techniques it's what sets your work apart from the store bought cards!

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