Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Movie Star Friends....

Isn't it exciting when something cool happens to your friends??? My very talented friend Sarah Wilson appears in plays locally and takes lessons for voice and acting. She recently had the opportunity to be in a film produced by another friend of mine Nan Gill called "Collar". Sarah was invited to appear in some additional scenes written into the already completed you are a parent you take your children to all their appointed extra curricular activities....hence if you look to the left of this picture you can see Sarah's Dad and my friend Alan Wilson behind actor Tom Sizemore! So how cool is that??? Way to go guys!!! So proud of you. I have mentioned before how impressed I am with Miss Sarah!

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  1. Kathleen, the blog looks great! Love all of the things you're showing off. Hope you have fun with it. Will love to see if you do any of Tim's tags. Every year I say I'm going to, and I only got one-and half done last year. Congrats to your friend and her acting gig. So Tom Sizemore was sober enough to actually do a movie, huh?