Monday, December 27, 2010


I decided this year to try and make most of my gifts for Christmas....I am a collector of different things...yarn is one...I love color and when it's good color it invites itself home with me!

This scarf was made for my friend Alan the Biggest Steelers Fan I know....I am only allowed to hang out with his wife if I carry with me at all times my Steelers Talesman! Hope this keeps him warm at the games!

Next I made this great blue scarf for my friend Karen, wife of Alan. Karen has the most beautiful blue eyes and this is really going to bring them out more than they already are! I know she liked how soft it was!

Miss Emily, daughter of Alan & Karen, is her Dad's partner in cheering on those Steelers! This Tam will hopefully keep her warm at the games she goes to with her Dad!

Last but not least, we saved the best for last, is Miss Sarah, Daughter to Alan & Karen and Sister to Emily....Sarah is our actress and hat lover....thus I thought a "Love Story" hat would be great for went over well!
They gave me a really really cool fleece blanket to snuggle with! Great colors and so soft....I will post that another day!

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